The most Cost Effective
Carbon Heating Solution

Simple to adopt Low-to-Zero Carbon (LZC) heating

Cheaper than an individual building ASHP solution

Delivering a range of benefits to users and to Bradford

Benefits to Bradford and for Users

A reduction in emissions by approximately 8,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent (tCO2e) per year in phase one alone.

A significant contribution to the achievement of net-zero for Bradford and to businesses looking to achieve and demonstrate their own commitment to low-carbon operations.

An economical way to access decarbonised heat with total whole-life costs being around 30% cheaper than the next most economical zero-carbon alternative (a building-specific Air Source Heat Pump)

A secure, local heating source will make Bradford more attractive to employers and help to secure inward investment

An 85-90% reduction in emissions related to buildings on the district heating network, leading to large improvement in local air quality and potential improvement of health in the city

Bradford ‘s iconic buildings used for City of Culture celebrations could be supplied by LZC heat.

Apprenticeships and jobs are intended to be created in the supply-chain during the construction and operations phases, delivering new skills into Bradford.

The costs of meeting sustainability requirements for new developments would be lower for Bradford than elsewhere, helping to make Bradford a more attractive location for investment.

Significant private-sector investment into Bradford’s Net Zero Infrastructure demonstrating Bradford’s credentials as the country’s leading clean growth district.