Our team is currently working on installing the pipework necessary for our Bradford Energy Network.

During the construction phase, prior to installing the necessary pipework in each area, the construction team will ensure the area is fenced off and made safe, then assess ground conditions and dig a trench for the district heating pipes to be lowered in to. Once the pipework has been installed and tested, the ground will then be reinstated.

Our first section of works, along Hall Ings Road on the A6181, was completed ahead of schedule at the end of 2022. at the start of February, work commenced on Princes Way (A6181), beginning at the section of road nearest to Bradford Live. Since this road has a high volume of daytime traffic, these works were completed at night to reduce disruption to road users. We expect to complete this section of work by early April.

We also started work along Nelson Street and Croft Street. This section of works is anticipated to be completed by early May.

We are working closely with Bradford Council, and have aligned our construction programme with the works planned for Bradford Council’s Transforming Cities Fund (TCF) scheme to minimise disruption to the general public. We plan to be working in the city centre during the course of this year and up to April 2024. We expect the entire heat network to be completed by 2025.

We will continue to post regular updates to our website to keep you informed as to the status of the project.